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The statue of Thiruvaruprakasa Vallalar at Raj Bhavan

The statue of Thiruvaruprakasa Vallalar was unveiled on October 5th at Raj Bhavan on the occasion of the 200th birth anniversary of the holy saint. The air was thick with devotion as the Vallalar devotees chanted the Thiruvarutpa songs sitting near the yet-to-be-opened statue. At 10.30 AM, the honorable Governor of Tamil Nadu Shri R.N.Ravi unveiled the Vallalar statue in the presence of honorable state minister Shri L.Murugan. The place hosting the statue was designated as “ Vallalar Gardens”.

The events got off by lighting the traditional lamp by the dignitaries followed by the National Anthem and Tamil Thai Vazthu.

Vallalar mission member, Janaki Raman was the first to get into the stage. He sang Thirumurai from Thiruvarutpa which drenched the audience with devotion.

After that PM Narendra Modi’s virtual speech was screened. He expressed his unfathomable respect for the revered saint, highlighting Vallalar’s enduring impact on spirituality and social reforms.

The PM asserted that Vallar’s simple yet profound wisdom continues to inspire millions. He further noted the saint’s work is easily relatable, making his spiritual teachings more accessible to a wider audience. His teachings transcended the barriers of caste, creed, and religion a vision that aligns with the government of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, and Sabka Prayaas. The PM concluded by saying that Vallalar would have been happy about the Women’s bill recently passed in the parliament.

After Modiji’s inspiring speech, a special stage drama was enacted by the Geethanjali Drama Orchestra from the Villupuram district. The audience was spellbound as creativity was in full flow when Vallalar character was juxtaposed with Mahabaratha.

This was followed by an Audio-Visual video depicting the life and times of Vallalar. Then it was time for the Governor and other dignitaries to step up on the stage for their speeches.

The welcome address was given by B. Prabhakaran, the organizer of the Vallalar 200 function. He profusely thanked the Governor for the unflinching support to organizing the Vallalar 200 throughout the year culminating in the unveiling of the statue.

L. Murugan, minister of the state of fisheries, Animal husbandry, and dairy in his speech extolled the Governor of Tamil Nadu Shri R.N.Ravi for his magnanimity in granting permission to install the statue of Vallalar in the Raj Bhavan premises. He slammed the ministers of Tamil Nadu for projecting Vallalar as a non-believer of Sanathana Dharma.

A book titled, “ The Luminary of Compassion – Sri Ramalinga Swamigal” authored by B. Prabhakaran was launched by the Governor Shri R.N.Ravi. This is a concise book highlighting the saints’ life and times and his teachings. Samvit Prakasam and Media Private Limited company published the book. Kumaresen, Centre for South Indian Studies was present during the event.

Later the Governor spoke and the audience listened with rapt attention. He expressed concern subtly about social impurities and the need to rectify them. The audience cheered when he said, “ I am a true Sanathani, so I will not respond even when someone abuses me”. The Governor acknowledged the contributions of divine souls like Rishabadev, Buddha and Ramanujar who aimed to eliminate discrimination through their teachings.

The event concluded with a sumptuous meal for all those who were present. Along with the devotees the Governor and the Minister of state had lunch.

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