Centre for South Indian Studies

Dakshinapatha Vaartha….
Volume 1, Issue 1 March-April 2023

Dakshinapatha Studies, a unit of CSIS, focuses on building sociocultural-economic-political studies of the south of India, Dakshina Bharat. Centre for South Indian Studies (CSIS) is a public charitable trust established in Delhi, engaged in academic study, research, and analysis of economic, social, historical, and political developments of South, both past and contemporary. CSIS commissions scientific research on various subjects and topics pertaining to South India, directly by its researchers, and funds studies of interest that conform to its aims and objectives. It
also motivates academicians and students to take up new research
initiatives to rework conventional narratives on South India to enable
understanding of these topics scientifically. Apart from organizing
research programs, CSIS also brings out publications periodically and carries out public awareness programs. CSIS regularly organizes lectures, debates, panel discussions and talks on various subjects related to South India. CSIS also runs a portal,www.dakshinapatha.com which aims to capture, assemble and consolidate the rich political history, culture, and traditions,
the people, and the inspirational icons, reflecting the society and its
changing times. It presents a kaleidoscope of the socio-cultural history of Dakshin, its geopolitics, its culture and fine arts, and its spiritual traditions. Dakshinapatha Vaartha, the bi-monthly newsletter of CSIS starting in the month of March-April 2023, hopes to present news briefs of the activities of Dakshinapatha. Starting with the auspicious new year, Sobhakrit Nama Ugadi, the newsletter would present a snapshot of the organization regularly.
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