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`The Indomitables’ – Book Launch at Hyderabad 20th May 2023

Dakshinapatha Studies an initiative of CSIS, launched a book titled `The Indomitables’ on Saturday, evening of 20 th May 2023 in Surabharathi Auditorium, Osmania University Campus, Hyderabad. The book `The Indomitables’ is authored by Shri Sudhakaran Narayanan, and published by Samvit Prakashan. It is a compilation of the stories of about 125 freedom fighters from Tamilnadu, meticulously researched and written by the author. As a part of the Amrit Mahotsav celebrations in the country, an occasion to remember and pay tributes to our forgotten heroes, the Tamilnadu chapter of CSIS has undertaken the work, the author Shri Narayanan came up with the beautiful
book published by Samvit Prakashan. Such books and literature are highly helpful for the young generation to understand the freedom struggle and how people sacrificed everything to achieve freedom.

In his opening remarks, Sri Ayush Nadimpalli, Treasurer, CSIS India, extended a warm invitation to the audience, and briefed about the core activities of CSIS India. The Dakshinapatha Studies is an initiative of CSIS India, it focuses on Research Studies and their Dissemination through various platforms. The organization runs different independent chapters in the south and functions from offices in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Kerala. Independent researchers are associated with each chapter working on various projects. CSIS also runs an elaborate web portal www.dakshinapatha.com.

Ms P Shailaja, Director, Samvit Prakashan, senior associate CSIS, gave a brief introduction of the publication firm Samvit Prakashan and said that in a short time of two years, Samvit made a big name for itself with important content-based publications, numbering over 20. She also compered the entire session of the evening.
The book was launched by the chief guest Dr PKS Madhavan, Shri Ayush Nadimpalli from CSIS, the author Shri Sudhkaran Narayanan, Shri Kumaresan, and other dignitaries on the stage. Shri PKS Madhavan, is the Founder Chairman of AWARE, an NGO working on rural and tribal upliftment. In his address Sri Madhavan stated that there are many divisive narratives which are being floated in the country. Most of them do not have any scientific basis, like the Aryan-Dravidian division, but those false narratives are still talked about. He reiterated that the word arya is used to address respected people, the British simply took that term and created the divisive false narrative. Similarly north-south divide in India is one such false narrative. He said he was very happy that a center like CSIS is now functional to study these aspects, as it is essential research to understand the divisive tactics. Dr. PKS Madhavan congratulated the author for successfully bringing out the book.

In his address the author Sri Sudhakaran Narayanan spoke in detail about the book and his research on it. He explained about the conceptualization of the small but highly informative book. He said it all started with a suggestion by Honorable Governor of Tamilnadu Sri R N Ravi, that a one-pager on each of the unsung heroes of Tamilnadu would be a good contribution in the 75 th year of Indian independence. He said it took about 40 days to cull out and enlist all the names; short-listing the names of unsung heroes was a real struggle. It was necessary to limit the size of the book and yet capture all the important contributions of unsung heroes from Tamilnadu. The team carefully identified 125 names of heroes covering all the districts of Tamilnadu. He hoped that this is a beginning, and there would be more books of this nature. The author said, in this edition, he listed mostly unsung heroes. For example, everyone knows about the great Veerapandya Katta Bommana, but not many are aware of his strategist brother Omaithurai, and hence his story was covered in the book. Similarly each freedom fighter is unique in his or her own ways. He said he tried to give authentic information with all necessary and important inputs. The author also beautifully narrated a few anecdotes from the book to arouse the audience interest. He also thanked the organizers CSIS, publishers Samvit Prakashan, and the audience for gracing the event.

On this wonderful occasion, all the dignitaries on stage also released, CSIS’s first bi-monthly newsletter `Dakhinapatha Vaartha’, which gives a gist of all the activities being conducted by CSIS in the southern states. The poster of the cover page of Samvit’s upcoming Telugu publication `Hindu janarakshakudu-Chattrapati Sivaji’ written by Gajanan Bhaskar Mahandale, and translated into Telugu by Sri Kesava, was also released in the event. The cover page was designed by the young artist Chy. N.Skandabhirama.

The book-launch program concluded with the vote of thanks by Sri Ch Kalyanachakravarthy, Research co-ordinator, Telangana & Andhra Pradesh Chapter, CSIS. Trustee of Board of Trustees of CSIS India, CA Sri Kasthuri Rangan, CSIS Tamilnadu chapter co-ordinator, Sri Kumaresan were also present on the occasion. The book launch event concluded with the chanting of Shanti Mantra.

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