Centre for South Indian Studies

The Indomitables – Book Launch

A glowing tribute to the Freedom Fighters from Tamil Nadu.
Authored by Shri. Sudhakar Narayanan. Foreword by Rangaraj Pandey. Presented By Centre for South Indian Studies, Chennai Chapter The Launch Event happened on 11 May 11th ,2023 at Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai. The program started at 7’o clock with the patriotic songs sung by Mrs. Durga Devi, Ms. Sindhu Baradhi, and Ms. Subbalakshmi. 








The Chief Guest – Shri. Dr. Ishari K. Ganesh, Founder & Chancellor, Vels University The auspicious presence of Shri. Alliance Srinivasan, Proprietor, Alliance Publication, Shri. M.N. Venketesan, Secretary, Vivekananda Educational Society, Author of the book Shri. Sudhakar Narayanan and Shri. Sandeep Kumar, Director, Centre for South Indian Studies came to the stage and everyone sang Tamil Thai Vaalthu. Moving forward the Welcome Address was given by Mr. Dharani, Research Scholar from the Centre for South Indian Studies.

After honouring the guests the Book was launched by the Chief Guests. The Chief Guest of the Day Shri. Dr. Ishari K. Ganesh spoke about the significance of the book and Ensured to Include this book in the library of all his Universities for the students to study and know about the Greatness of the Freedom Fighters of Tamilnadu.

Later, The Man Behind the Book, Author Shri. Sudhakar Narayanan delivered his speech about the Book – The Indomitables, He mentioned the specialty and greatness this book holds, and he gave a brief speech about the 125 freedom fighters mentioned in the book. He then Thanked the contributors who helped him to put this book together, and wished that this book should reach a wider audience, especially the younger generation and people who are young at heart.

Followed by the speech of Shri. Alliance Srinivasan, from the Alliance Company of book publishers, spoke about his grandfather and a few real-life incidents that happened during the freedom struggle period. He left the whole audience awestruck by his stories.
And then, Shri. M.N. Venkatesan, Secretary of Vivekananda Educational Society spoke about his happiness in attending the event and how he is amazed to see a lot of youngsters among the audience. He then ensured to acknowledge his institution’s students about the Greatness of these freedom fighters.
To conclude the gathering, Shri. Kumaresan, Convenor CSIS from the Centre for South Indian Studies presented the Vote of Thanks followed by Vande Mataram.

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