Centre for South Indian Studies

Research Workshop for Non-Academic background

10th  September, 2022



Center for South Indian Studies (CSIS), Telangana Chapter organized a half day workshop
on September 10, 2022 at its office for persons interested in writing informed research
The workshop was designed such that the researchers get continuous handholding to fine
tune their skills leading to the Publication of well researched essay/s
Prof. Gopal Reddy, the President of CSIS inaugurated the workshop and took part in the

Ch Kalyanachakravarthy , Research Coordinator of CSIS conducted the Workshop and
made a detailed presentation about the (1) Importance and Relevance of Research (2)
Purpose of Research (3) Setting the context of Research and (4) Methods of Research in
the first stage.
Yvss. Divakara Rao, Academic Coordinator of CSIS took the second session outlining
(1) Trends in Research (2) Language and Style of Research Presentation (3) Glossary of
Research (4) Sources of Research and (5) Research Tools.
The participants are expected to come up with a paper in the next fortnight. Eleven topics
were suggested. The meeting endorsed to meet on 24 th September 2022 as a continuation
and hold a daylong Research Workshop.
Ch Kalyanachakravarthy thanked the gathering. There were 15 participants in the workshop.