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Remembering Prof B B Lal


The Staff, Associates, Contributors and Admin of the CSIS-Hyderabad are invited to Join the Zoom Conference with the following Information Schedule:

Today, between 7.30-8.30 PM, there will be a Zoom Conference in Memory of Prof. Brij Basi Lal who passed away a few days back which is organized by Centre for South Indian Studies-Tamil Nadu in association with Indic Studies.

Eminent Speakers who will Participate in the meet:

  • Vasant Shinde, CSI Bhatnagar Fellow & Ex Vice-Chancellor of Deccan College (Deemed University) @Pune
  • BR. Mani, former ADG (ASI) and DG, National Museum, New Delhi
  • Shri Rajesh Lal (s/o Late Sri BB. Lal), former Air Vice Marshal of IAF
  • P. Sandeep Kumar, Center for South India Studies.

Dr. Kulbhushan Mishra, Asst. Professor, Dept. of History & Archeology, University of Haryana will Moderate the Session.

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Remembering Padma Vibhushan Prof. B.B. Lal | Tribute Programme in memory of our beloved Padma Vibhushan late Prof. Braj Basi Lal. | By History Plus + | Facebook

Summary of Webinar Discussion

Note: Webinar Meet was organized which intended to Pay Homage to Prof. BB. Lal by the close associates recalling the contributions made by Prof. Lal to the field of Archeology particularly Indian Archeology and therefore, essential part as summary is herewith provided for reader.

Centre for South Indian Studies (CSIS) which Partnered with Indic History Association (IHA) organized a webinar on 18/09/2022 recalling the Contributions of Prof. BB. Lal (who passed away recently) to the field of Archeology especially to the Indian Archeology.Prof. Lal was a former Director General of Archeological Survey of India and acknowledged expert on Harappa Civilization on which basis, he challenged the dominant narrative-Aryan Invasion Theory to the utter shock established Left Wing Historians. His Book on Rig Veda was to be released very shortly and so sudden was his departure.Eminent Speakers who had very close association with Prof. Lal participated in the discussion forum and paid rich tributes. Sri Rajesh Lal, former Air Vice-marshal of IAF and Elder Son of Prof. Lal participating in webinar as a Special Guest.

Dr. Kulbhushan Mishra, Asst. Prof at Central University of Haryana, Dept. of History and Archeology acted as Moderator for the discussion. He welcomed the Participants on behalf of CSIS and IHA and thanked these two Organizations for arranging such webinar pogrom. He mentioned that Prof. Lal led the Projects on Maha Bharatam and Ramayanam and conducted excavations at designated sites which were related to the Great Epics. Sri P. Sandeep Kumar Ji of CSIS also made welcoming remarks joining Dr. Mishra Ji.

Prof. Vasant Shinde, former Vice-chancellor, Deccan College (Deemed University which is known for its contribution to the field of Archeology and Ancient Bharat History) made inaugural speech:

He congratulated the Organizers for the Event. Though, he wanted to be there physically at Delhi on hearing the sad news, he couldn’t do it because, he had undergone Cataract Surgery a few days ago. Sudden demise of Prof. Lal was loss to him personally and also to the Nation as he was one of the two pillars of Indian Archeology. Prof. Lal was Sir to most of the ASI Staff and Academicians as well and showed the Path which we have to follow. Prof. Lal wrote a forward to one of recent books of Shinde JI perhaps the last forward. Though Prof. Lal retired decades ago, he was very active till the last moment and authored 10 Books. In fact, he was the only archeologist perhaps received Padma Vibhushan till date. He strived hard building the ASI as a Professional Body of Repute. Prof. Lal report on Hastinapur received much appreciation from Prof. Martín Wheeler. A combination of Literary Sources and Archeology, a method Prof. Lal suggested, came handy when Prof. Shinde was investigating a Satavahana site near Pune. Prof. Lal established the fact that clear connections between Harappa and Rig Vedic literature and thereby Invasion theory stands no value. His understanding on Pre-Harappa Civilization was unique. His methods of excavation are meticulous while undertaking Ramayanam and Maha Bharatam Project investigations.At the end, Prof. Shinde paid tributes to Prof. Lal and extended condolences to the family of Prof. Lal.


Dr. BR. Mani formerly ADG of ASI and Director of National Museum and was former student of Prof. Lal

Recalling the good old days. Mani Ji told, Prof. Lal was the moving spirit for four generations of archeologists and he happened to be in the second generation. Like Marshall Era, Martin Era and 1947 onwards, it should be conveniently described as the Era of Lal. Soon after his retirement, Lal Ji focused more on serious writings (15 Books). Challenging the theory of Aryan Invasion, Ramayanam and Maha Bharatam findings were notable contributions. He was awarded both Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhshan by the Govt. of India

He could have remained in the post of DG but he left so due to his passion for teaching and academics. His father was 2 years junior to Prof. Lal and treated him as younger brother. Hastinapur excavation was a milestone as said by Prof. Shinde. In 1975, he took up Ramayanam Site Excavations. Pillar theory of Ayodhya disproved the claims of Marxist Historians. Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court directed to submit a report on Ayodhya Temple within 15 days. He published more than 150 academic papers. Kalibangan work of him in 2 volumes was applauded. Book on Ram Sethu discussed about the Historicity. East to West Aryan Migration based on archeological evidence, Prof. Lal proved, not the otherwise as propagated. The team headed by Dr. Mani brought out 3 felicitation volumes. He offered condolences to the family of Prof. Lal, in the end.



Rajesh Lal, Elder son of Prof. Lal and former Vice-Marshal, IAF:

Given details of early life and student days at Allahabad University and narrated how Prof. Martin Wheeler and Lal got connected at the initiative of then VC of Allahabad. His mother accompanied and visited most of the sites. She was taught by her husband (Lal) on intricacies of archeology. Prof. Deshpande was close friend to Lal and subsequently, Rajesh got married to his daughter. He mentioned some anecdotes. He recalled, how he was involved in proof readings of his father books and it helped him at the end to become as a co-editor of 7 Books. He thanked the organizers.


Dr. Kulbhushan Mishra made concluding remarks that it was a tribute to the Illustrious Prof. BB. Lal who contributed richly to the Indian Archeology though one hour program may not be sufficient to round up the achievements of Prof BB. Lal. He thanked the Participants and organizers, making it fruitful and successful.

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