Centre for South Indian Studies

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar

Topic: Remembering Vinayak Damodar Savarkar and his contribution to the freedom movement in South India

Date: 28thth May 2021 at 7 pm

Speaker:  Sri S.G.Suryah, Author of Andaman Prison Experiences


Speech Highlights:


  • In his speech, the speaker Sri S.G.Suryah explained in detail the struggle faced by Savarkar in Andaman Cellular Jail for 9 years and 11 months.
  • The speaker narrated the incident about the brave efforts of Savarkar to get out of prison, after that incident; he was locked in the darkroom that he could not realise the exact time of the day.
  • Food provided to Savarkar in the jail was unhygienic and the water provided was very much contaminated.
  • He was allowed to write a letter to his family only once a year with much restrictions.
  • Savarkar stayed in prison for 14 years, including 10 months solitary confinement and hand-cuffed for 6 months.
  • Savarkar had a good relationship with communist leaders also. When he was released from the prison, notable communist leader M.N.Roy touched his feet and welcomed him from the jail.
  • Savarkar had very good relationship with Dr B.R.Ambedkar, M.C.Rajah and also with many reformists.
  • After 1977, in order to restrain the rise of the Janata Party and to stop the revival of Hindutva, the Opposition Parties pictured Savarkar in the negative form and used his name as a tool to defame the Hindutva and its ideologies.
  • They propagated Savarkar as a common enemy, to punch and to target Hindutva.
  • None of the academicians or senior leaders of Communist or Congress party doubted the patriotism and dedication of Savarkar during the freedom struggle.
  • Savarkar tried to abolish the Caste system and worked to have a cordial relationship with all caste societies.
  • V.S.Iyer, Vanchinathan, Neelakanda Brahmachari admired Savarkar and his ideologies.
  • Tirumala Achariyar, one of the founders of the Communist Party in India, got attached to Savarkar, stayed with him in London, worshipped Savarkar as his idol.
  • After the release from prison, Savarkar visited many places across India. During the visit to Tamilnadu, in one of the meeting at Madurai, Muthuramalinga Devar was the guest in the program where Savarkar participated. Devar praised the work and sacrifice made by Savarkar for India’s freedom.
  • Savarkar described “Vellore Mutiny” as most organised mutiny, against the Britishers.

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