Centre for South Indian Studies

Maoism, Stan Swamy and Media: Facts and Fallacies

A webinar on “Maoism, Stan Swamy and Media: Facts and Fallacies” was conducted on 15th July 2021 at 7 pm in Chennai

Speaker’s:  Sri Bharat Amdapure, Vivek Vichar Manch, Co-ordinator

Speech Highlights:


  • CPI (Maoist) was formed in 2004, banned in 2009 due to their involvement in anti-national activities.
  • Two left-wing terrorist organisations –

People’s War Group (PWG), which was active in Southern Parts of India like Telengana, Andhra, hilly areas of Tamilnadu, Kerala.

Maoist Communist Centre (MCC), which was active in Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, few districts of Maharashtra.

They both merged in the year 2004, by the guidance of Chinese Communist Party; as a result, there strength was rapidly increased. From Pasupathinath to Tirupathi, called as “Red Corridor”, came under their control.

  • Their aim was to overthrow democracy by armed revolution and to establish Maoist dictatorship rule.
  • They urge Indian people to wipe out ruling government by Protracted People’s war.
  • To lead PLGA (People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army), they choose literate people; to fight against the government, they look for illiterates.
  • If strict action was taken against them, they spread false information’s about our armed forces.
  • If police captured those Naxalites, urban Naxals give them shelter. It was stated in the Parliament also, during UPA rule.
  • Many frontal Naxal organisations keep changing their name, to create confusion among Police.
  • Those who gathered at Elgar-Parishad, not returned to their home, they went to Bhima-Koregaon, to create ruckus among public.
  • British distorted the Indian history, to create communal tensions among the upper caste and Mahar Community.
  • Pune police seized some materials from their place, based on it, case was filed.
  • Left-liberals moved to Supreme Court, to quash the case, but it was denied.
  • Wherever they filed petition, their prayer was rejected.
  • Court unambiguously mentioned that, Stan Swamy was the active member of Maoist organisation.
  • Stan Swamy worked for the frontal organisation of CPI (Maoists). Their only work was to create disarray among the community.
  • All arrested in the Elgar-Parishad case was the active member of Maoists and involved in anti-national activities.

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