Centre for South Indian Studies

Centre for South Indian Studies Seminar on Gazulu Lakshminarasu Chetty

As part of Centre for South Indian Studies seminar series on Unknown Freedom Fighters, a seminar was organized on 19th century freedom fighter Gazulu Lakshminarasu Chetty. The one-day national seminar titled Saga of an Unsung Hero: Gazulu Lakshminarasu Chetty, jointly organized by Centre for South Indian Studies and Indian Council for Historical Research, held on 6th November 2022. The seminar venue was Agarwal Vidyalaya School, Vepery, Chennai.

History teachers from prominent schools and colleges in Chennai, college students, academicians, intellectuals and media persons participated in the seminar.



The welcome address was given by Shrimathi Dr Rama Devi Shekar, Professor at SSS Jain College for Women, Chennai. The event was inaugurated by seminar chief guest Professor Shri Umesh Ashok Kadam, Honorable Member Secretary at Indian Council for Historical Research, New Delhi. Professor Umesh Ashok Kadam addressed the participants saying that

“This such a matter of pride that, we are celebrating Gazulu Lakshminarasu Chetty’s contribution, as an unsung hero and at the same when we say that we are celebrating our ancient heroes, it should remain as that, what happened to us since last 65 years. To him, we have not been able to give the dew resect to our ancient heroes since last 65 years, thus something has wrong with our understanding of history. Prof Kadam expressed the idea and view of ICHR in establishing known for the creation of a digital library of vernacular sources for Indian history and culture. ICHR have identified more than 80 institutes across India, which are private institutions, and which are repositories of such kind of places”.


Following chief guest address by Professor Shri Umesh Ashok Kadam, Historian Shri Aravind Neelakandan, Contributing Editor, Swarajya Magazine, gave special address saying



“Gazulu Lakshmi Narasu Chetty, was the person, who could use international dynamics between British and the Americans and to amaze wealth spent to fight against the British, using their own institutions, using their own methodology. Great fighters such as him have been forgotten by the populace as times evolved, but their conciliatory methods of representation and struggle – be it for religious causes or be it for confronting imperial imprudence – still give us an inspiring record of their passionate endeavors that opened alternative arenas for the freedom movement. This way, Lakshmi Narasu Chetty, shows us the path. We have great strength the re-narrative and have great strength to create a new India. May his memory inspired to fight for India to live for India”.

Shri M. Kumaresan, Co-Ordinator, Centre for South Indian Studies, Chennai Chapter, gave the vote of thank address by thanking Professor Shri Umesh Kadam for inaugurating the event, thanking Shri Aravind Neelakandan for making special address. Shri M. Kumaresan also thanked the participants for eagerly participating in the seminar and making the event a grand success.



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