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Book launch of “Khilafat”

“Understanding and analysis of Indian Muslims’ active role in pre-Independence Khilafat movement in the 1920s should be subject matter for discussion among common people, to know and expose today’s nefarious designs of separate Muslim identity politics and its promoters”, said Sri Kalyana Chakravarti, a member of Samachara Bharati, at the book launch of “Khilafat: Muslim Verpatuvadam – Desha Vibhajana” at Gowlipura, Hyderabad on 21-March.

Samachara Bharati, a city-based NGO, organised the book launch of “Khilafat – Muslim Verpatuvadam – Desha Vibhajana”. The research and translation from Marathi articles is done by CSIS member  Dr. Srirang Godbole. The foreword for this book is penned by Padmasri awardee Dr. Hanuman Chowdari. Sri Kothakoti Prithviraj,  was also present on this occasion.

Fight to restore the Khalifa in Turkey in the early 20th century was nowhere connected with Indian Muslims, but Islamic religious leaders thought this was an opportunity to regain power from the British whom they accuse of toppling the last Mughul emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar in 1857 ending their rule, Sri Kalyan added.

Sri Ayush, Trustee of CSIS India, said Congress endorsement and attempts to convince Hindus to participate in the Khilafat movement in India were the key decisions that impacted the national politics in the Freedom Movement. As time progressed, this movement and ideology have nurtured the separate Muslim identity politics leading to the division of Bharat in 1947.

He also cited that “Dr. Ambedkar clearly stated that the Muslim brotherhood is exclusively limited to Muslims only, and they always attempt to convert the land of Dar al-Harb to Dar al-Islam and Indians should be cautious in dealing with separate Muslim identity politics.“

The book consists of

-Khilafat movement and lessons for today
-Historical developments centered around Turkey-based Khilafa
-Origins of Moplah riots
-British supported Muslim identity politics
-Threat of Khalifa idealogy

Get copies of the book at Sahitya Niketan, Barkatpura, Hyderabad

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